Colonics Lagos

Colon hydrotherapy also referred to as colonics, colon irrigation, colon cleanse, colon therapy and enemas. Colonics is simply a gentle, delicate, safe natural way to cleanse the body from the inside out. It is washing away toxins from the large intestine with temperature regulated water, the stool is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis

Benefits of Colonics

  • Maintains regularity
  • Prevents constipation/bloating/gas
  • Increases energy
  • Kick-starts weight loss
  • Improves whole body well-being

Tips for keeping your colon healthy

Our Services

Advanced Colon Treatment

By assisting your lifestyle and diet, we can advise and suggest the right eating plan and possible nutritional supplements to aid in improving your well being

Lifestyle and Diet

Further treatments can produce even more substantial release of old, hardened and impacted faeces that have been released from the colon wall. These pieces can live in your colon for months even years.


We are here to guide you through your detox in a relaxing, safe and supported environment

Trained Hydro Therapists

All our hydro therapist are RICTAT trained

High Quality Kits

All our disposable kits are of the highest quality, all imported from Europe